Declan Breathnach TD Louth (and East Meath)

1st November 2019



‘Shocking’ that Tallanstown Water was contaminated for 12 days before Boil Water Notice- Breathnach


-An Environmental Protection Agency report found that the problem was discovered on July 19th , but the Boil Water Notice was only put in place on July 30th–


Fianna Fáil TD for Louth Declan Breathnach has said the report from the Environmental Protection Agency that the Tallanstown Water Supply was contaminated for nearly 12 days before a Boil Water Notice was ‘shocking’ and said answers are needed from Irish Water. The EPA report found that this delay ‘posed an unacceptable risk to public health for the consumers of Tallanstown Public Water Supply’.


Breathnach commented “The EPA found that the treatment problem at the Tallanstown Water Supply began on July 19th , was not escalated to Irish Water until the 26th and then the Boil Water Notice was not put in place by Irish Water till July 30th. That’s almost two weeks of people in Mid Louth potentially drinking contaminated water. To make matters worse even though the Boil Water Notice has been partially lifted, 600 people served by Tallanstown are still under a Boil Water Notice”


He continued “Serious questions need to be asked to Irish Water on how they allowed this delay to happen. Communication from Irish Water has been very poor during Boil Water Notices, which was illustrated recently after 600,000 people served by the Leixlip Plant were put under Boil Water Notice. People deserve to feel safe drinking water in their own homes and when a problem arises it needed to be communicated clearly and quickly”




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