Declan Breathnach TD Louth (and East Meath)

20th August 2019


Louth students told “if you can’t afford University then don’t go” – Breathnach

– Recent comments by Ministers showed an ‘out of touch’ attitude-
Fianna Fáil TD Declan Breathnach has said recent comments by Minister for Education Joe McHugh, that those who cannot afford to go to university should try ‘regional options’, showed an elitist and out of touch attitude of the Government towards third level education.


“Minister McHugh’s comments are highly insulting to the thousands of students up and down the country who have just received their Leaving Cert results. As a former teacher and principal, I know how hard students study for the Leaving Cert. Now they are told regardless how many points they get or college course they are offered, if they can’t afford to live in our major cities then they should stay at home.”


“We are lucky in Louth to have a fantastic IT in the form of DkIT. However, there are certain courses that you can only study at a University, such as medicine or primary school teaching. It’s not right that young people in Louth are being locked out of these careers because they cannot afford rents in Dublin and other university cities.


Minister McHugh’s comments came the same week Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor told students unable to pay rent in cities to use their SUSI grant. The Government needs to support our young people to strive for the best not just accept their lot in life.”



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