Declan Breathnach TD Louth (and East Meath)

18th June 2019

Podiatry Clinic in Drogheda must not be reduced to a one day a week service – Breathnach

– Minister Harris and HSE must reverse this decision and restore the service to 4 days a week – 

Fianna Fáil TD for Louth and East Meath Declan Breathnach has called on the Minister for Health and the HSE to reverse a decision to cut the Podiatry Clinic in the Drogheda Primary Care Centre from a 4 day a week service to just one day a week.

Deputy Breathnach, commenting on the decision said “I was very disappointed to hear from constituents this week who have been impacted by the HSE’s decision to reduce the Podiatry Service in the Drogheda Primary Care Centre to just one day a week. Podiatry services are essential, particularly to those with diabetes, in managing their condition and avoiding amputations. Amputations have a huge human quality of life impact and our Health Service should be upgrading rather than downgrading these services.”

“The decision to reduce this service will have a huge toll on patients who use the Podiatry service in the clinic. It appears that now, only ‘priority one’ patients will be seen at the clinic with other patients forced to go to their GP who may not have the resources available to provide the necessary service.”

“This is part of HSE cost containment measures, which are a direct result of this Government’s failure in controlling the Health Budget. We have seen huge cost overruns by this Government in terms of the Health Budget and this has led to essential services like this being cut. Minister Harris and the HSE should reverse this decision immediately and restore the Podiatry service in Drogheda Primary Care Centre to its full capacity at 4 days a week.”

-Ends- Cathal Haughey, Office of Declan Breathnach T.D., Leinster House, Dublin 2 (Declan – 087 2697638) (T) 01 6183549 (Email)