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Declan Breathnach TD


6th February 2019



UK proposals to dump hazardous waste across the border stink – Breathnach

Fianna Fáill TD for Louth, Declan Breathnach, has said that any proposals made by the UK Government to use the Newry and Mourne area as a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for nuclear and chemical waste, are totally unacceptable to the communities on both sides of the border.

Deputy Breathnach explained, “The UK Government’s Radioactive Waste Management group recently published findings of some of its investigations into dumping its nuclear waste in Northern Ireland.

“Both the Mourne Mountains and the Ring of Gullion, designated areas of outstanding natural beauty, have been cited by the Waste Management Group as possible sites in which to sink nuclear waste.

“The Waste Management Group wants to investigate whether the sea cliffs and inland cliffs in the area have the suitable properties and thickness in order to take tons of hazardous waste.

“Let me say in no uncertain terms, this will not be acceptable to me or to the people of Louth who regularly travel the half hour drive across the border to visit these magnificent sites. The potential health ramifications let alone the consequences for the wider environment don’t bare thinking of”, concluded Deputy Breathnach.


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