To ask the Minister for Housing; Planning and Local Government the funding sought by local authorities in Counties Louth, Meath and Kildare for each of the years 2012 to 2016 and to date in 2017 for the purposes of constructing new local authority houses; the moneys allocated to each of these authorities in each of the years 2012 to 2016 and to date in 2017 for the purpose of such construction; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

-Declan Breathnach TD

The table below sets out the funding provided for the construction of new local authority social housing in Counties Louth, Meath and Kildare in the years 2012-16 and to date in 2017, including in some instances, amounts self-funded from local property tax in lieu of exchequer funding. The level of capital funding provided to local authorities for their social housing construction activity is directly linked to the scale of delivery they achieve on these projects.
Year                   Louth                     Meath                    Kildare
2012                 €6,406,989            €322,048               €990,154
2013                 €997,636               €3,667,603            €110,378
2014                 €171,774               €158,940               €480,338
2015                 €321,189               €810,608               €476,730
2016                 €741,690               €1,142,547            €1,685,683
2017 to date     €29,515                 €3,171,936            €4,800,367

Since the publication of the Social Housing Strategy in late 2014 and Rebuilding Ireland in 2016, an increased level of approvals for the construction of new local authority social housing have been issued. This can be seen in the social housing status reports, which are now published quarterly and show details of all approved social housing construction schemes, including locations, number of new homes being constructed and information relating to their advancement.

The most recent of these reports covers the period up to the end of quarter 2 of 2017 and contains information on the delivery of 11,000 approved new social homes, some 1,100 of which were delivered in 2016 and up to the end of quarter 2 of 2017. A further 2,700 of these new homes are now on site and under construction, with the remainder progressing through planning, design and on to construction.

The report which is available at the following link:, includes the social housing construction schemes progressing in Counties Louth, Meath and Kildare. In the time since the publication of that report, I have approved further construction schemes to deliver around 100 additional new social homes in these areas; details of these will be included when the latest construction status report is published shortly, covering the period to quarter 3 of 2017.

The construction status report also contains details on new social housing construction projects being advanced by approved housing bodies on behalf of local authorities, the funding for which is additional to the local authority funding shown in the table above.