Extract:                                                                                Circular RW 1/2017

Dear Director of Service,

The Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport has announced details of the 2017 grant allocations to your authority in respect of the maintenance and improvement of regional and local roads. The total grant allocation in 2017 under this Circular is €324.3 million. The amounts available nationally under the various grant headings are set out in Appendix 1 and individual local authority allocations and scheme details are set out in Appendix 3.

 Restoration Improvement Programme

The Restoration Improvement (RI) Programme continues to be the main focus of the regional and local roads programme. An overall amount of €165 million will be provided under the 2017 Restoration Improvement Grant.

Restoration Maintenance Programme

Where applicable, the Restoration Maintenance (RM) Programme continues to be an important programme aimed at protecting road surfaces. An overall amount of €41 million will be provided under this grant category in 2017.

Community Involvement Scheme (CIS)

The Community Involvement Scheme remains in place for 2017 on the same basis as 2016 i.e. local authorities may set aside 7.5% of their RI and RM grants for CIS schemes if they so wish. The provisions relating to the scheme remain as set out in Circular 3/2015.

While it is not necessary for Local Authorities to seek approval to assign funding to CIS, where it is proposed to do so the Department should be notified of the amounts involved.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Grant allocations will continue to be provided in 2017 to fund bridge rehabilitation works. While it is not necessary for Local Authorities to seek approval to transfer funding among the approved schemes listed in Appendix 3, the Department should be notified of such transfers. Where local authorities wish to introduce a new scheme, for example if implementation of an approved scheme is delayed, then approval should be sought from the Department.

Road Safety in Housing Areas

Local authorities were requested to submit details of proposed expenditure on signage related to implementing the 30km/h speed limit signage programme in housing areas. Grant allocations related to this programme are being made under the speed limit grant category.

Invasive Alien Plant Species

In 2017, the Department will continue the joint initiative with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to map and treat Japanese Knotweed. A rolling annual programme is underway and further information is available from TII.

As indicated previously, an interagency flier addressing hedge cutting is available on TII’s Road defects Map Portal – https://web.nra.ie/maps/ and this flier should accompany all notifications regarding hedge cutting.

Yours sincerely,

Mary McCullagh

Assistant Principal Officer

Roads Division