– Farm developments to comply with EU regulations, Animal Welfare and Quality Assurance regulations should be exempt from development levies –

Fianna Fáil TD for Louth Declan Breathnach is calling for all development levies on farms to be scrapped when the up-grading works are done to comply with EU regulations. He has stated also that when the development works relate to upgrading necessary to comply with Animal Welfare certification as sanctioned by Bord Bia, or in conjunction with any other Bord Bia or Dairy Council Quality Assurance schemes, farmers should not have the additional burden of development levies.

“For small, independent farmers this will be a very welcome measure as even the smallest development to their farm – most of which were mandatory in order to meet E.U. directives, necessitated the payment of an often crippling development levies”.

“Upgrading development works to comply with other schemes such as the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) should be exempt also”.

“A waiver of development levies for farm developments carried out to comply with EU directives is due for adoption by Louth County Council at its meeting on Monday and I hope they will broaden the scope of the waiver to include developments to comply with the Bord Bia schemes”.

“These are challenging times for farm incomes and any reduction in costs will be welcome”.


Johanna Walsh, Office of Declan Breathnach T.D., Leinster House, Dublin 2

(T) 01 6183549 (Email) declan.breathnach@oireachtas.ie